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written for you, about you or anything you want by Max Bemis

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Half-length Song

A 1-2 minute acoustic recording
written for you by Max Bemis - $75

Full-length Song

A 2½-4 minute acoustic recording
written for you by Max Bemis - $150

Featuring Sherri Song

A full-length song featuring vocals from both Max and Sherri Bemis
(Eisley, Perma) - $207

EP Bundle

Four or more songs of any kind
gets you a 10% discount.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What am I buying?

A Song Shop song is a personalized song written for you, by me, about anything you want. You buy a song and then tell me what you want it to be about. I write the and when your song is ready, we upload it to a place where you can download it as an mp3 and it’s yours and yours alone.

What is the process?

First you’ll select what kind of song you want, and then pay for it through PayPal. You’ll be emailed login info to a site where you can enter one or two paragraphs about what you want me to write about, and your phone number. You can then login back to this site any time to make sure your info is there or change the info, all the way up until when I do your song, when the status will change and your description will be locked. Once the song is done we’ll email you to notify you. At this time you can go back to the same site, download an mp3 of the song and it’s yours!

What gave you the idea for Song Shop?

As people frequently download records illegally now, I was thinking about how a musician can present something that’s totally original and ACTUALLY MEANINGFUL (not to say original music isn’t meaningful but the act of buying it has been diminished). I asked myself: as a music fan what is something I would actually want that can’t be pirated? What is something that would touch my heart in a truly direct way?” My answer was “a song written by Dave Grohl”. I thought to myself “I would probably pay a thousand dollars to have my own Foo Fighters song about my life.” Before I conned him into writing music with me for free (we’re in a band together), I would have done the same for Chris Conley from Saves the Day. Though I don’t consider myself as talented as either Grohl OR Conley, I realized a lot of kids probably would value a song written about them by me (which is crazy to think about, but uncannily it’s true). I started dabbling in doing a few songs until I realized I had a strange ability to do lots of songs, and then I teamed up with my friend Aaron and Factory 77 who helped me turn this into a real, functioning small business.

How long is each song? What do they sound like?

Song Shops are acoustic recordings done by me through a quality mic. Once and a while I’ll layer stuff a bit but more often then not I just perform them live for a very organic, emotionally resonant feel, (which is the most fun and easy) while still having them sound great. If you’ve heard any of my Painful Splits material, I record those songs and the Song Shop Songs the same way. The “vibe” of the song totally ranges based on what feelings your description provokes in me. They make be scream-filled, punk-ish, loud and dark or delicate and soft; bouncy and jubilant or aching and longing. You can (but don’t have to) specify what you’re looking for in that sense when you submit your description.

As for how long they are, a half-length song is usually between 1 and two minutes. A full length is generally between 2.5 and 4, but both vary and sometimes I tend to make the songs a bit longer. I’ve never received a complaint as to the length of the songs.